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When working with clients Zone Creations can be involved in as much or as little of the design process as is required. This can be simply giving guidance on the best materials and processes to use for a particular design through to transforming your brief into a fully finished product.

As part of the full design process we can generate computer renderings, recreating the actual materials, shapes, engravings or labels of a final production using our 3D Modelling tools, with our Solidworks certified team; and also create physical prototypes before manufacturing the finished product.


At Zone Creations we have comprehensive machining facilities and are ideally equipped to manufacture components for a diverse range of businesses . Our services include laser cutting, CNC routing, turning, engineered parts, laser engraving and metal work components . Our laser and CNC machines have the highest technical specifications in Europe, ensuring accuracy and repeat ability . 

The machining division of the business services a huge variety of clients and business sectors . These range from point of sale, signage, product and furniture designers, model makers through to the TV and film industry .


Zone Creations has built up a skilled team of craftsmen and engineers to fabricate a diverse range of products . 

Zone Creations has a reputation as Perspex specialists . We pride ourselves on achieving the best finishes possible and also pushing the boundaries of perceived uses of the material . Zone Creations is also an approved Corian fabricator . Each member of staff has their own specialist knowledge which allows us to draw upon the necessary expertise to ensure the success of each project . We work to the highest standards and employ the best techniques for each process and for the material used .


Fully dedicated to the mechanical design and application of metal works, Zone Creations’ engineering team has a vast knowledge in mechanical and electrical engineering structural components and assemblies, capable of providing the technical solutions to the most challenging projects . All our engineers are also fully trained of various amount of metal techniques and technologies, such as welding, soldering, polishing, sheet metal folding, milling, turning or metal ageing techniques .