6 state of the art laser cutters and engravers

Zone creations has one of the largest laser cutting facilities in London. We have a diverse collection of laser machines allowing us an unrivalled capacity and variation in what we can offer. We have 3 specialist engraving machines with a maximum bed size of 1250mm x 700mm and 3 cutting machines with a maximum cutting size of 3m x 2m. The specifics of our machines mean they are highly suited to very accurate, clean and repeatable cutting often on materials that would traditionally be more complex to process.

Great rates for both small and large scaled projects

For projects where no involvement of a dedicated project manager is required and just machining requested, we have eliminated any machine set up charges and the minimum order price is only £35 + VAT.  Each of our machines runs at a different rate but the basis of our costs will depend on the overall length of machine time. If you are a student please let us know as we will look to offer an additional discount where possible.

Super fast turnaround with wide range of stock materials

We have over 20,000 sq ft of workshop and factory capacity in South Wimbledon and carry large stocks of materials.  We believe we can offer very competitive rates on all materials purchased through us and will often look to sell portions of sheets where viable.  For all acrylics we will generally be able to sell this in a minimum sheet size of 500mm x 500mm.  For those materials we do not carry we can generally have these delivered the next working day as long as we have placed a request before 3pm the proceeding day.   We are also very happy to work from supplied materials.

How it Works

Our concept is simple: send us your artwork, quantity and material requirements, and our laser cutting expert team will provide you with a quote. We keep most laserable materials in stock, and even if by any chance you require something that is not in stock we can generally obtain this for you in less than 24 Hours. After that, it’s just converting your artwork to our Laser Machinery language, cut and/or engrave it, pack it for you, and we are complete. With our superfast customized laser machinery you can expect your projects to come to life in no time, with the high end quality achieved by Zone Creations’ standards and expertise.

Laser Cutting Only

.DXF AutoCAD File


Cutting or Engraving

.AI / .EPS Adobe Illustrator File


Engraving Only

.CDR Corel Draw up to X3

(Up to 25mm thick)
(Up to 3mm thick)