Zone Creations Design Vision

Since its foundation in 1999, Zone Creations has always invested in the Design field as a core part of the business structure. It was then without surprise that by its 15 anniversary, Zone Creations officially founded an in-house Design Department, able to accommodate and develop projects across several Design fields, combining innovatively and uniquely the creativity and technical constraints with fully developed in-house production.

As part of the technical domain standards of the Design fields visible at Zone Creations, our designers, more than full proficiency over digital design tools, have proven skills, projects, or Design awards in the fields of Consumer Goods, FMCG, Packaging, Branding, Furniture Design, Art Direction, Consumer Electronics, Plastics or Sustainability Design .

Our Approach

The 6SP Vision

“From a dream to a product, or as a consultant for a single step of the way”

With our innovative 6 Step Process Vision, we can be involved in your project as much as you like, starting at any step of your choice. This allows us to tailor each project according to your plan and brief, able to come back and forth for perfect results.


Stage 1

Creativity without
barriers or constraints

It is often said that Designers design for themselves, but here we are “all” designing for you . Our first brainstorming stages and meetings for a project are held with the cooperation and input of all Managers, from Direction to Engineering, to broaden our vision and concepts as wide as possible . There are no wrong answers, and no idea is too unreal . If we can dream it, then we certainly can make it .

Research & Development

Stage 2

Knowledge is the best innovative weapon

It is crucial to our vision that no project is taken for granted. When innovating on a daily basis, you have to fully understand and know what can be shifted to a new level. For that, our R&D stage is of core relevance to a project. There aren’t 2 similar requests, and when dealing with new shapes, techniques or materials, our philosophy is to explore each and every new part until we have a complete domain over that same component, only then making us able to innovate to a better and bolder solution.


Stage 3

Transforming ideas into defined visual concepts

There is something gratifying in being able to interpret a concept, an idea, and turn it into something capable of visual substance. It is of high importance to be able to illustrate without computerized constraints that idea into a graphical vision, explore possibilities and shapes in universal visual languages. Our team is fully trained in product illustration so that when tat time comes, we can not only transform ideas into graphics, but also prepare fully developed illustration for corporate marketing and presentations.


Stage 4

precision and accuracy are our tools of choice

The 4th stage of our process represents the bridge between idea and real world, with full detailed 3D and 2D modelling, based on technical processes and tools allowed by the unique fact of having our in-house production ready to produce, support and develop all prototypes needed. That also means that we are not using modelling tools for rendering purposes only but as a direct technical link to our machinery and materials, making your design truly real.

Digital Assembly

Stage 5

High end simulation and presentation tools

More than fully develop and descriptive presentation packages, our customized digital assembly tools allow us to produce fully technical presentations and studies before production, with resource to 3D FEA simulations with live animation results, or 360 VR presentations for fully customizable design experiences.


Stage 6

The final frontier between idea and product

The need? To make sure every single detail is solved and ready for the real world interaction. Our goal? To cover every single possibility, making sure your design is tested and world-proof. As part of our unique setup associating design and production in the same building, our prototypes go way further than simple 3D printed visualizations, as it is more efficient and feasible at our unique premises to prototype real products , with the final materials and machining stages.