Zone Creations presents: The Table Measure


Zone Creations proudly presents a new product: the Table Measure.

The Table measure is an adjustable ruler designed and produced in order to lay out all the cutlery, glasses and fine china tableware in precise table settings for banquets and formal dinners. This fully functional measuring instrument, made out of Perspex, enables its users to set impressive table displays with military precision. The exact symmetry in table settings that this device achieves is not only for stunning regimented displays, but also to allow diners comfortable elbow-room while fitting all the many requisite pieces of tableware within reach of each guest.


The Table Measure allows the user to ensure each item is geometrically spaced and positioned in exactly its required location. For instance, each place-setting should measure 18 inches across and lower edges of utensils should be aligned with the bottom rim of the plate, about one inch up from the edge of the table. As well as having clearly-defined inch measurements, this table measuring device also indicates on it the distances that certain items, such as the wine glass and serving plate, have to be from the table edge. As a uniquely designed artefact, the Table Measure needed to be accompanied by an exquisite packaging that could appeal to its royal origin and transmit to the user all the excellence and precision of handling such a tool.


In order to give the user an exquisite experience showing or replicating a formal banquet table setup, a full set of rules for place settings are printed and allocated inside this packaging, where you can also find a sheet on facts and figures on state banquets at Buckingham Palace.


The full project can be seen online at Zone Creations Portfolio:

Table Measure – Portfolio

24th July 2015 Posted by Kevin Self, Filed under Design