Zone Creations Open Day


Zone Creations OPEN DAY on 6th July provided an ideal opportunity for both current and future clients to enter into the world of Zone Creations, to engage with all staff involved in the production of global innovative projects.  A perfect chance to see completed work up close and also experience the creative and design phases themselves through live demonstrations.

After considerable factory refurbishment and investment into the plant and machinery it was chance to showcase the state of the art equipment for laser-cutting, engraving and CAD.  The interaction allowed visitors to experience the variety of workmanship available and for the skilled fabricators to engage with the clients inspiring and working together to break the boundaries of what is possible.




Supported by The Royal Warrant Holders Association and refreshments provided by Alison Price and company, the OPEN DAY allowed us to show many varied completed projects and show the capabilities of Zone Creations, including a new range of furniture for a client we are working with; the granddaughter of Sir Edwin Lutyen, where many of the pieces we are making are modern reproductions of the original classics and unseen designs by this renowned architect.


With our planned OPEN DAYS throughout the year; our aim is to provide time and space for interaction at our premises for both existing and future clients.  This means that we can accommodate all those wishing to attend and their commitments.  We look forward to the next one in September. Zone Creations will also be exhibiting at Luxe Pack in Monaco again this year.






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Cirque de Reflexions Design and Production

Zone Creations has been involved in the design, fabrication and machining for the Cirque de Reflexions installation, a plywood and mirrored acrylic set of 12 towers and a centrepiece created by the British artist Andrea Greenlees for a prestigious art festival.

Cirque 001

Image © Andrea Greenlees

With the original illustrations from the artist being digitally hand-shaped by our designers into laser cuts and etches on the plywood surfaces, this was a challenging project that once again expanded our boundaries for design and fabrication.

Not only was there the difficult task of implementing the intricate detailed work on each and every panel, but there were many structure design and development hurdles to overcome to ensure that this exquisite artistic display survived its final destination: the demanding desert conditions of the Burning Man Festival in the United States. This was achieved thanks to the structural analysis and simulations undertaken by out staff.

Cirque 002

Image © Zone Creations

Two fully-assembled 4m-tall towers were built inside Zone Creations’ premises in order to do a 1:1 testing to both materials, structure and cutting / etching details, with all the components being measured and prepared for an easy assembly in the middle of the desert. Alongside the main towers, a centrepiece – the Obelisque – was fully designed, developed and produced by Zone Creations. This incorporated a plywood structure with a silver mirrored acrylic shelling to completely reflect the interior of the cirque and all its light installations.


Cirque 003

Image © Zone Creations

Cirque 004

Image © Andrea Greenlees

Introduction to the Cirque de Reflexions, by Andrea Greenlees:

Deceptively simple yet fiendishly complex, the Cirque de Reflexions comprises a tantalizing exterior reminiscent of chrysanthemum petals and Chinese folding screens together with a mysterious inner sanctum with a mystical mirrored centrepiece. The plan is a 12-pointed star and the faceted walls curve inwards like a flower folding for the night.

The traditional tattoo motifs of sun, moon and stars, waves, scrolls, dragons, butterflies, birds and flowers are cut out of the upper panels of the Cirque. Sunlight cast these patterns onto the Burning Man participants as they are reflected in multiplicity in the multi-faceted mirrored sculpture that dominates the interior. At night, internal multi-coloured lighting illuminates the playa through the tattoo tracery and sets the sculpture within alight with a fragmented rainbow of colour.Cirque 005

Image © Andrea Greenlees

Cirque 006

Image © Espresso Buzz Photography

Cirque 007

Image © Espresso Buzz Photography

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Luxe Pack Show Monaco 2015

For the first time, Zone Creations exhibited at the Luxe Pack Show, between the 21st and 23rd of October in Monaco and the outcome could not have been better. Not only were highly renowned luxury packaging brands and suppliers present at this year’s event, but it was also attended by some of the most influential designers, businessmen and entrepreneurs in the luxury packaging world, making it a major showcase for Zone Creations and our products.


Our stand at the Diaghilev Hall was acclaimed by reviewers and the iconic products on display caught the eye of our many visitors, with the innovative Corian® packaging and the extraordinary factice (display perfume bottle) being the stand-out exhibits that won admiring glances and compliments. Sitting alongside these on our stand was our brand new design, the Watch Box Concept, with a mechanism that engendered a lot of interest during the show.


With such a great feedback and contacts made in the packaging field, Zone Creations is looking forward to becoming a constant presence at future Luxe Pack events. Additionally, we would like to thank everyone that visited us at the show. However, for those who couldn’t make it to Monaco this year, here are some pictures of our stand and its products on display.











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Zone Creations at Luxe Pack Show 2015

Luxe Pack Catalogue Advertising

We are glad to announce that for the very first time Zone Creations will be showcasing at the Luxe Pack Show, the largest platform of creative packaging manufacturers in the world taking place in Monaco.

This amazing event gathers all the best manufacturers , designs, and the latest solutions for today’s demands and technological abilities providing a wide-ranging selection of global experts within the world of packaging design.

At the 28th edition of Luxe Pack Show we will be presenting our best and latest luxury packaging productions as well as all the services Zone Creations has to offer. But we also want to take this chance to give you a better insight on what we are able to achieve, as we will be unveiling  for the first time a new product  that has been developed by our amazing design team and our most experienced fabricators at Zone Creations.

So don’t hesitate to come and visit us at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, on the 21st – 23rd of October, we’ll be waiting for you at the Diaghilev Hall, DG40 Stand.

Luxe Pack Show



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Zone Creations presents: The Table Measure


Zone Creations proudly presents a new product: the Table Measure.

The Table measure is an adjustable ruler designed and produced in order to lay out all the cutlery, glasses and fine china tableware in precise table settings for banquets and formal dinners. This fully functional measuring instrument, made out of Perspex, enables its users to set impressive table displays with military precision. The exact symmetry in table settings that this device achieves is not only for stunning regimented displays, but also to allow diners comfortable elbow-room while fitting all the many requisite pieces of tableware within reach of each guest.


The Table Measure allows the user to ensure each item is geometrically spaced and positioned in exactly its required location. For instance, each place-setting should measure 18 inches across and lower edges of utensils should be aligned with the bottom rim of the plate, about one inch up from the edge of the table. As well as having clearly-defined inch measurements, this table measuring device also indicates on it the distances that certain items, such as the wine glass and serving plate, have to be from the table edge. As a uniquely designed artefact, the Table Measure needed to be accompanied by an exquisite packaging that could appeal to its royal origin and transmit to the user all the excellence and precision of handling such a tool.


In order to give the user an exquisite experience showing or replicating a formal banquet table setup, a full set of rules for place settings are printed and allocated inside this packaging, where you can also find a sheet on facts and figures on state banquets at Buckingham Palace.


The full project can be seen online at Zone Creations Portfolio:

Table Measure – Portfolio

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Zone Creations is now a Solidworks Certified company

CSWAAfter showing skills not only on fabrication and machining but also on Design, Zone Creations has earned a certification for the usage of Dassault Système’s renown software, Solidworks. With the latest development and improvements of the company towards innovation and the usage of Design tools, Zone Creations has now earned a certification as Associate for Mechanical Design, showing an excellent usage of such Design tools and capable of executing the most demanding 3D modelling and also the capability to execute design analysis and simulations.


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‘A perfect finish’

lalique62 zone1
A premier whisky brand wanted to go that extra mile when it launched a special 62-year-old distillation and bottled it in a fabulous flask made by the firm founded by the world’s most famous glass-maker, René Lalique.

To do justice to this outstanding combination, The Macallan wanted a presentation case that was as much a perfect work of art as the stunning bottle and the limited-edition single-malt whisky it contained.

lalique62 zone3So it turned to Zone Creations, who, after discussion with The Macallan, decided that the best material for the job was Corian, an acrylic polymer blended with alumina trihydrate, and more commonly associated with high-class kitchen worktops. And Zone Creations are licensed fabricators of Corian, a trademarked product of the DuPont chemical company.

Zone, who like to push the boundaries of products into new areas, chose the gloss-black Corian for its cold, stone-like properties and overall luxurious appearance. The material can be joined with invisible joints, giving the impression of a solid carved top and base section.

The meticulous CNC-machined components were carefully cleaned and prepared for bonding in specialist jigs produced for the project. Once all bonding was complete, the units were sanded and polished to a high-gloss lustre.

To the top surface, Zone laser-etched a graphic and ink-filled the central The Macallan logo in a specialist gold paint.

lalique62 zone2Internally, the packaging consisted of a Japanese linen fabric fitment constructed from a base of MDF and then carefully upholstered. A small leather tab clasp was also fitted to hold the bottle in transit. A specially designed and illustrated book is housed in a shallow drawer in the base of the fitment.

The Macallan’s finished product has been sold worldwide and in a very limited edition, costing an average of £20,000 each.

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Zone Creations chosen to recreate iconic emblem of broadcasting


The BBC knew exactly whom to turn to when it decided to recreate its iconic 1930s’ microphone as a stunning trophy for its prestigious Music Awards.

It called on Zone Creations to replicate the glamorous brass AXBT microphones to be handed out to the award-winners by Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton at this inaugural event held in London in December.

Zone Creations’ brief was to design and manufacture a life-sized replica set on a plinth that allowed space to engrave the names of the winners, who included Ed Sheeran as British Artist of the Year.

So Zone Creations carried out a design and survey of the original (see B&W picture below) in order to meet the BBC’s commission,

The trophy’s solid brass base was foundry-cast to create a tiered plinth, which was then highly machined and polished.

The top section was all fabricated from sheet brass, formed and hand-crafted to shape using traditional techniques and silver-soldered joints. All the detailed knobs and brackets were milled and turned.

One of the biggest winners to pick up Zone’s trophy on the night was Pharrell Williams (pictured below right). The US producer-songwriter was named best international artist and won song of the year for his single Happy. Pharrell, who was unable to attend as he was filming the US version of the talent show The Voice, joined the awards ceremony via satellite.

The BBC Music Awards – a spectacular celebration of the best in popular music from the last 12 months – took place live in front of an audience of 13,500 people at London’s Earls Court and was also broadcast to millions more across the country in a unique joint broadcast on BBC One, Radio 1, Radio 2 and at bbc.co.uk/music.

Nina Epton ZoneBBC Music Awards Live Zone

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